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Henan kfcc carbon co.Itd. is located in Kaifeng, one of the seven ancient capitals of China and ne of the famous historical and cultural cities of China. Founded in June 2001 by shareholders headed by China Pingmei What Group. it is a modern high-tech enterprise with world-class technological equipment and international product qualitv.


Henan kfcc Carbon Co., Itd.. produces 350-750 mm graphite electrode 42,000 tons a year the product series covers UHP. HPand RP electrode, widely used in electric arc furnace steelmaking and ore thermal cultivation, smelting, etc.. has four production bases:Henan kfcc carbon co.,ltd, pingdingshan sanji carbon co., Itd. ,Henan Calgon carbon co..ltd xuchang sanii carbon co., Itd and anshan carbon heat energy new materials co.. Itd. among them,Henan kfcc carbon co.. ltd, with annual capacity of 500-750 mm large size UHF eraphite electrode and connector products 22000 tons (phase ii will develop to sooootons) Pingdingshan Sanji Carbon Co., Itd has an annual output of 20,000 tons of UHP. HP and RE electrode products of medium and small specifications under soommXuchang Sanji Carbon Co., L.td. produces 4.0 million tons of carbon melt products (kfcc Carbon phase Il expansion supporting project, put into production in 2012).


Products in more than 60 enterprises at home and abroad. product quality performance to the nternational similar products advanced level, at present, we are expanding product output, steadily mprove product qualitv. product serialization and large-scale production. Strive to build Kfcecarbon into a "domestic first-class, world famous" emerging carbon production base as soon as possible.


Company Philosophy

We not only provide customers with pre-sales , but also after-sales services, so as to form strategic partnerships with customers.


Enterprise spirit

Starting from the needs of users, and finally satisfying users; focusing on customers and their expectations.


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