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Domestic ultra-high power graphite electrode prices continue to rise

Domestic ultra-high power graphite electrode prices continue to rise

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  • Time of issue:2022-03-29 11:48:38
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This week, the price of domestic graphite electrode was partially adjusted. The price of ultra-high-power graphite electrode increased by 1,500 yuan/ton. As of press time, the ultra-high-power graphite electrode φ450 quoted 24500-25,000 yuan/ton, φ600 quoted 275000-28,000 yuan/ton; high-power graphite electrode φ3 00-500 quotation 22000-23500 yuan/ton, ordinary power graphite electrode φ300-500 quotation 19500-21000 yuan/ton, the transaction is average.

Downstream, 85 independent electric arc furnace steel mills, with an average operating rate of 73.64%, a month-on-month decrease of 0.75% and 8.15% year-on-year. Among them, the regions of South China and Central China rose slightly, and the northeast, North China, East China, Northwest China and Southwest China showed a slight downward trend, while the rest of the regions were flat. Mysteel investigated the blast furnace operating rate of 247 steel mills by 78.21%, down 0.70% month-on-month from last week and 7.31% from last year. Affected by the epidemic in some areas, the supply of raw materials has been significantly blocked, resulting in a certain decline in the start of steel mills, a certain slowdown in demand for graphite electrodes, and a bearish impact on the rise in early prices.

In terms of raw materials, the shipment of petroleum coke is good, and the prices of some PetroChina coking plants continue to rise by 150-350 yuan/ton. The prices of Jinxi petroleum coke and Daqing petroleum coke have been stable this week, but the supply is tight and the market transaction price is high. The epidemic has resumed production, increased or slowed down for downstream carbon enterprises, but the bullish mentality still exists. Source: Shanghai Steel Union Resistant Materials Network)

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